Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Pets!!!  What would we do without them.   I have a beautiful doggie, her name is Pepper.  She is almost 6 years old and just the biggest baby.  Scared to death of weather.  Just mention the word "rain" and she goes into a "hissy".  Finally started giving her 25mg of plain Benadryl and that sorta helps to calm her down some. 

For the last several weeks though we have been chasing hair/fur balls around the house.  They are everywhere you look it seems.  My kitty Patches has decided they are something she can play with!  Pepper is shedding the worse she has ever shedded.  On a forum I visit it seems there are others that are having the same problem.  At least glad to know there isn't anything wrong with Pepper!  I will try to attach a picture of her if I can get it to work.  On the other hand though, an outside kitty "Nome" is shedding very little and he usually sheds bad.  Who can explain??  My only explanation for this has been "It's the moon"!!!!

But seriously, our 4-legged babies become like children, our children, and we love them dearly.  Everytime I have lost one I always say "No More!" because the grieving really hurts!  But that doesn't last very long.   

Just finished up a day of pouring candles and thought I would take a break before I started cleaning up and labeling the ones I finished yesterday.  Tonight I will top off what I poured today.  Hope to get them out tomorrow! 

Here goes for the picture of Pepper hopefully. 

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