Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It has been quite a while since I have blogged.  I was way to busy this month until the 18th with fundraisers and orders to even think about a blog!!  After that then we had Christmas and was busy just trying to be a little prepared.  I have promised my friends and family that will not be the case next year!  I didn't have time to decorate anything other than get the tree put up and just had to make time for that.  My sweet daughter-in-law would have done it for me but I told her I was going to at least do that, hopefully help me get in the Christmas mood but afraid that was not much help. 

There is still time to get your order in and get 20% off before the year ends.  I probably won't have any sales as good as this one for a long time.  I am planning on putting the candles I have left over this year on sale so I can clear them out and get started on I hope some new scents.  If there is any scent you would like please email me here and let me know.  I am also planning on downsizing my scent list and also jar selection.  I have received an email that said the price of my wax was going up so I have to find out more about that.  If that happens I will probably have to have a small price increase.  Just have to wait and see about that.

Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy New Year.