Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chunk Fever

Man is it fun making these chunk candles!!  You can let your imagination run wild!  Well I was pouring some container candles today and thought "Why Not"!  Decided to pour a container chunk candle.  Will burn it tomorrow to see how it burns.  My friend Rae told me it would be addictive once I started, I believe her now.  Got to think up some good holiday ones now, that is if I have the time.  Between Monday of next week and about the middle of December I will be busy with fundraisers!  Got 4 in all to do. 

This is a picture of my chunkie.  Scented in Carrot Cake.  This is in the 15oz straight sided jar.  I think this is the best jar for chunk, it shows them off better than an apothecary jar would.


Remember when we were young and played tag?  When you got caught then you were tagged!  Well, I have been tagged by Bebs Treasures so it's my turn to tell you 10 things, if I can think of them, about myself and then tag 10 others!  So, Let's See.

1.  I am 63 years old.
2.  I have always lived in Glenwood GA - a little town in southeast GA.  Love it, wouldn't leave for nothing!  Just a country girl at heart.
3.  Guess you could say I married my highschool sweetheart!  When I was probably in the 10th or 11th grade I played "Right or Wrong" on piano for him to sing in a school talent show!  He won 1st place !!  Of course we weren't sweethearts then!
4.  I have a son, 2 beautiful granddaughters ages 6 & 8.  I also have a great daughter-in-law.  I was so busy last Christmas she put up my Christmas tree and decorated it for me.  It had sat in the living room floor in it's box for about a week and she called me up and said "I am coming Friday night to get you're tree up"  I said come on over!
5.  When I was young, like 10-12 I babysat and at Christmas wrapped gifts in a little department store we had in town.  I went to work a week back from my senior trip and worked until 2006 when I retired.
6.  I sewed all the time when I was younger.  Made most of my clothes and made my son's while he was very young!
7.  I started making candles in 2003.  I have been asked what made me start and I really could not give them a good answer.  I was just trying to think of something to do for our Church Super Saturday we used to have in November so early in the year I started reading and searching the internet for info on candle-making.  Then I got some wax, jars, wicks, fragrant oils, dye and started testing several scents to make. 
8.  In 2004 I built my shop onto my house.  It sure was nice to get out of the kitchen and my spare bedroom.  I had just a little path to the computer.
9.  Oh, I like smooth jazz and soft rock.  How many remember Captian & Tennille, Barry Manilow?  Just a few I heard today on the TV soft rock channel and thought, "Oh I can remember when!".
10.  Man I am having to think hard to finish this up.  Can't wait to see NCIS tonight!!!  Love that show.  CSI Miami was a little bit of a disapointment last night.

That was hard to do.  As you can see life in small town USA is not very exciting!!!  Now to the harder part of picking 10 to tag.  I am choosing 10 studios on Artfire that have really nice crafts.  Think you should check them out.  It was interesting choosing the 10, I found some from GA!

1.  Creatively Jeweled
2.  Jennuine Candles
3.  Candles by Donald
4.  Raw Beauty
5.  Indian Weaves
6.  Pink Panzees
7.  Judy B Freeman
8.  NH Woodscreations
9.  Pams Creations
10.  Linda Lewis

Consider yourself OFFICIALLY TAGGED. YOU'RE IT!!!! 

Now it's your turn to select 10 other Blogs or studios whom you choose to promote and tell us a little about yourself!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Carmelized Praline Chunk Pillar

Here's picture of Carmelized Praline Chunk Pillar.  Love these chunkies, so much fun to make! 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Taste of Home Slow Cooker Tips

I get the Taste of Home email and this was in one of my emails.  I really like cooking in my slow cooker, put it on in the morning and then forget about it!  Thought this was interesting and helpful to know.
Tips for Using Your Slow Cooker
To cook food properly and safely, manufacturers and the USDA recommend that the slow cooker be filled at least half full, but never more than two-thirds full.
Slow cookers should not be used to reheat leftovers. Use a microwave, stovetop, or conventional oven to reheat foods to 165°.
Each time you remove the lid from your slow cooker when unnecessary, you should increase the cooking time by 20-30 minutes.
Old vs. New Slow Cookers
Some newer slow cookers seem to heat up more quickly than older ones. If you have an older model and your recipe directs to cook on low, you may want to set it on the highest setting for the first hour of cooking to ensure food safety.
Power Outage
Following a power outage of less than two hours, you can finish cooking your food with your stove or microwave. If it's been more than two hours or you are unsure how long the power has been out, discard the food.
Many slow cooker recipes cook all day. It may be easier to place all ingredients in the crock the night before, then cover and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, place the crock in the slow cooker and select the temperature. Do not preheat your slow cooker.
Most slow cookers have two or more settings. Foods will cook faster on the high setting. However, the low setting is ideal for all-day cooking and/or for less tender cuts of meat. If your slow cooker has a "warm" setting, use it to keep your food warm until you're ready to eat it.
Slow Cooker Size-Use this chart to determine the ideal slow cooker size for your family:
Household Size Slow Cooker Size
1 person 1-1/2 qt
2 people 2- to 3-1/2 qt
3 or 4 people 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 qt
4 or 5 people 4-1/2 to 5 qt
6 or more people 5-7 qt

Hope this will be helpful.  I like cooking pork and chicken in a slow cooker.  I still haven't found the best way for beef though.
Today is a beautiful, sunny, nice Saturday.  Could be a little cooler but still a beautiful day.  No special news today.  Things have been slow.  Waiting for fundraisers to be turned in.  Got to make a couple of pillars in Patchouli.  This is a new suppliers oil I am using and really think it is my favorite patchouli so far.  I have been working on my website the last couple of days.  Trying to decide on a nice fall theme.  I really love "playing" around with different backgrounds and colors that sorta relate to the season we are in.  The background was not exactly what I was looking for but think it will work.  I will try to have it up within the next couple days.  I know after the fundraiser comes in I will not have time to do it.

Every week on Artfire a new crafter is featured.  This week it is Grand Prairie Woodworks.  He makes beautiful furniture.  This is his shop.  http://www.grandprairiewoodworks.artfire.com/
Hope you will take the time to check him out .  He has some really pretty pieces. 

That's about the news for today.  Hope everyone has a great week-end.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carrot Cake Chunk Pillar Candle

This is the Carrot Cake Chunk Pillar Candle I made today, delicious scent.  This is the description - A scrumptious, decadent, rich Carrot Cake with a note of sweet cream cheese frosting! This is not even remotely like spice cake", it's rich brown sugar and baked sweet goodness!   I really love making chunk pillars.  Can't wait to take them out of the mold and see how they turn out.
I also made some tarts in Carmelized Praline, Harvest Spice, & Vanilla Spice, and a jar candle in Gourmet Sugar Cookie, this is really a nice, strong, scrumptious smelling candle. 

Today is Chunkie Day

Been wanting to make some for a long time so today I am making some chunk pillars.  Don't know what scent, color of chunks, or anything else but I just know I am making them.  Also have to make some tarts for a customer.  Just found out 1 of my fundraisers will be turned in this week-end. 

Looks like we may have a wet day today.  Had to run uptown and got few sprinkles on my windshield and it sure looks like rain!  Probably have to get the Benadryl out for Pepper!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lullabye Moon

The moon was so pretty this morning til I just had to tell you about it so I got my cup of coffee and Little Debbie Honeybun (my breakfast!) and here I am!  I get up early every morning - 4:00 - to get my husband off to work.  He leaves about 5:00 and I take Pepper out.  Love looking at the sky at night and this morning when I saw the moon my first thought was it was a "Lyllabye Moon", so beautiful.  You know, the kind you see with the baby in it, like the moon is rocking it!  Strange how the moon is in different places in the sky at different times of the month.  I always go outside about the same time every morning and sometimes it is directly over me, sometimes to the west and then sometimes to the east.  Guess it has to do with how the world turns.

Pepper thought for sure there was something out there with us this morning!  She has that little gruff bark, her tail really bushes out and she just stares into the woods.  We live in town but where we live there are woods behind us.  She probably saw or felt deer.  We saw one yesterday afternoon when we went out.  Have also seen fox.  Could have been a stray cat that sleeps in the woods.  My neighbor across the street feeds all the strays so it is not unusual to see them about.  Just glad it isn't dogs.  Pepper would never get through outside!!!  Also I have to think about my Nome - outside kitty who is about 11 years old so I always worry about him if I see a stray dog.  Don't really worry about snakes, don't see them to often.  Not really scared of them as long as I can see them.  Just don't want to step on one in the dark!!

Guess that's my thoughts for the day.  Time to get started and sweep up the dog hair, though it may be getting a little better.  Candle orders have been slow the past several days so that gives me time to do some book work I am always needing to do and cleaning my work area in shop.  Hope everyone has a good Monday.   

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little Better

Well, guess I had better leave well enough along.  Lost some stuff but can get it back. 
LESSON:  Do not play with things you know nothing about!

Sorta Messed Up!

Decided to play with some new templates and think I messed up!  We just don't know when to leave well enought along!!


Decided to play with a template for my blog.  Sorta like this one.  Will try it out.  Nothing better to do today.  Taking a day off and being lazy and playing!!!!!!!  Ready for some Falcons football tomorrow!!  Yeah!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dog Hair!

Well, finished vacuuming and got all the dog hair up for a short while anyway.  It was a battle though cause it was hiding from me!  Under chair, under couch, under china cabinet and anywhere else it could find to hide to get away from me, but I got it!!!! 

Today has been a day without making candles.  Had a few I needed to make but there is no hurry.  Anyway, need to take a break.  In about a week I have 2 fundraisers that are due in so I decided today to forget pouring!!  I have been following blogs and twitters of my fellow crafters.  Today is follow me Friday.  I would list one of them but wouldn't want anyone thinking I favored them over the over.  But if you want to check them out just click on their little picture.  They are all so talented and have such pretty crafts! 

Well, I see my Dear Husband coming down the road so guess I will close and try to spend a little "quality time" with him!!!  Hope all have a very good week-end.   

Goat Milk Soap

Today I want to tell you about Goats Milk Soap.  This is a handmade natural cold process Goats Milk Soap.  It is a great soap with lots of luxurious lather and really leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.  My husband and I have been using it and we really love it.  If you would like to buy some this is the link:  http://www.abathshoppe.com/
Below are a few pictures of the soap.  It is beautiful soap!  Just couldn't resist the Dog Bone for you doggie lovers!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Special

Place an order for 15.00 excluding shipping and your name will be entered in drawing for 15.00 gift certificate.  Also check out Candle of the Month - Carrot Cake and Carmelized Pralines.  Special pricing on certain jars and pillars.

National Grandparents Day

Thought this was interesting.  Never knew how Grandparents Day was started.  I found this online doing a search on Yahoo for National Grandparents Day.   

The impetus for a National Grandparents Day originated with Marian McQuade, a housewife in Fayette County, West Virginia. Her primary motivation was to champion the cause of lonely elderly in nursing homes. She also hoped to persuade grandchildren to tap the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide. President Jimmy Carter, in 1978, proclaimed that National Grandparents Day would be celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

When is Grandparents Day?

In 2009, Grandparents Day falls on Sept. 13th

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Pets!!!  What would we do without them.   I have a beautiful doggie, her name is Pepper.  She is almost 6 years old and just the biggest baby.  Scared to death of weather.  Just mention the word "rain" and she goes into a "hissy".  Finally started giving her 25mg of plain Benadryl and that sorta helps to calm her down some. 

For the last several weeks though we have been chasing hair/fur balls around the house.  They are everywhere you look it seems.  My kitty Patches has decided they are something she can play with!  Pepper is shedding the worse she has ever shedded.  On a forum I visit it seems there are others that are having the same problem.  At least glad to know there isn't anything wrong with Pepper!  I will try to attach a picture of her if I can get it to work.  On the other hand though, an outside kitty "Nome" is shedding very little and he usually sheds bad.  Who can explain??  My only explanation for this has been "It's the moon"!!!!

But seriously, our 4-legged babies become like children, our children, and we love them dearly.  Everytime I have lost one I always say "No More!" because the grieving really hurts!  But that doesn't last very long.   

Just finished up a day of pouring candles and thought I would take a break before I started cleaning up and labeling the ones I finished yesterday.  Tonight I will top off what I poured today.  Hope to get them out tomorrow! 

Here goes for the picture of Pepper hopefully. 

Friday, September 4, 2009

Soy Better Than Paraffin? Think Not

Thought this was interesting since so many candlemakers of soy candles claim all kind of bad things against paraffin and claim soy is better. 

This was written in response to a recent study by South Carolina State Researchers.

National Candle Association

529 14th Street, NW, Suite 750 • Washington, DC 20045 • (202) 393-2210 • Fax: (202) 223-9741

Email: info@candles.org Website: www.candles.org

August 19, 2009 Contact: Barbara Miller

Tel: (202) 207-1113

NCA Statement Refuting Study by South Carolina State Researchers

Suggesting Candles May Be Carcinogenic or Release Harmful Pollutants

The National Candle Association seriously questions the scientific validity of a report by two South Carolina State University researchers* suggesting that candles, especially paraffin candles, can release carcinogens or harmful amounts of indoor air pollutants.

The assertions of Drs. Massoudi and Hamidi contradict the overwhelming body of scientific evidence on the topic. They have provided no data for review, and their conclusions are based on unsupported claims. No scientific study has ever shown any candle wax, including paraffin, to be harmful to human health.

An authoritative international study in 2007 tested candles made from every major wax type and analyzed them for more than 300 chemicals known or suspected of toxicity, health risks or respiratory irritation at elevated concentrations. The study found that all waxes burned cleanly and safely, with no appreciable differences in burning behavior. The combustion byproducts of every candle wax were virtually identical in composition and quantity, with all levels registering far below the most restrictive of any applicable indoor-air standards.


* Emission products of petroleum-based candles, Ruhullah Massoudi and Amid Hamidi, South Carolina State University, presentation before American Chemical Society symposium session, 2:15- 2:35 p.m., Wednesday, Aug 19, 2009; Washington, DC.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is Fall Close???

I would love to see a long and beautiful fall this year.  I always think when fall arrives that I love fall more than any other season.  All the pretty colors and the brisk mornings and nights.  Pepper (my 4-legged baby) really loves this cooler weather better.  She has been shedding so bad this summer.  My beige carpet in bedroom stays covered in black patches of hair.  Of course with all the hair she has she never misses it!  Don't know if it has to do with the benadryl I have been giving her or not.  She is so afraid of bad weather.  Just about the mention of rain sends her into a tizzy!  I give her 25mg of straight benadryl wrapped in a piece of ham and that helps some.  She has just about begun to think that when she senses bad weather she is supposed to get ham now!!!

Well, sorta strayed from topic.  Love fall!  Then spring comes and I look around and see everything greening up and it is so beautiful until I say, "Oh this is my favorite time of the year"!!  Aren't we fickle people.  God gives up these beautiful seasons and then we try to say one is better than the other.  What God does can't be beat so all seasons are beautiful and have their upside and downside.  I look up at the pretty blue sky and white clouds during the day and then the sky with the beautiful stars and moon at night and just wonder how do people that don't believe in God think all that happens! 

Right now the weather can make you think that fall may not be far away.  Really makes me want to start making fall candles.  I have been testing some new scents and really liking them.  Just about finished burning a tester of Gingerbread Pumpkin.  Out of the bottle and while I was pouring it I was thinking sure glad I just got a tester of the scent.  But after burning it I really think I like it.  Really makes me think of fall, even seems to have a faint scent of like a fire burning, may not sound good but it is!  This is the definition the supplier gave for it - A drop-dead FABULOUS fragrance! A year 'round favorite that fuses warm, freshly baked gingerbread with creamy pumpkin.  Think I will probably be adding that to my pumpkin line! 

Got another tester poured in Southern Pecan Pie - A fragrance that smells as scrumptious as it sounds! It's an amazing duplicate of the mouthwatering classic dessert of the American South. You can almost taste the creamy butter, Georgia pecans, and real whipped cream. It's a rich, super-sweet aroma not for the faint-hearted. Try it if you dare!  I will test it when I get through with the pumpkin. 

I also want to make some chunk pillars.  Really love the looks of chunk pillars and want to make them with some pretty fall colors.  Today got to deliver some candles to a shop in Vidalia.  Better close and start getting ready.

Oh, almost forgot.  If you did not reach my blog through my website then you don't know about my special this month.  The Carrot Cake and Carmelized Praline is on sell this month in selected jars and pillars.  I also will be having a drawing this month.  If you purchase $15.00 or over your name will be entered to win a $15.00 gift certificate.  Winner will be announced on website Oct 1st.  If you are the winner you will receive an email with a special code to use on your next order.  I am hoping this will go over good and I can add to the gift certificate amount each month until Christmas.  We shall see!!

Happy Fall!