Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PCI Compliance

Forgot to mention, after all my complaining about all the questions to become compliant, I MADE IT!!  I am PCI Compliant.  Guess I spelled it right.  Think that means you are safe on my site, your cc info and all.

Social Networking

You know, certain things can get very addictive!  All this Social Networking, think that is correct term for it, you just gotta check out and see what everyone is saying.  By the time I get through my list looking, commenting and so forth, half my day is gone!!  Isn't that terrible! Of course it really helps me not to have to do what I need to do.  That is my mile high stack of envelopes to go through, open, throw away, post, file.  Which ever it requires.  This is work I have been needing to do for most of the year and a couple folders still from last year that just need filing!  When you have 3 businessess to keep up with, my business, my husband's business, and my church it can really stack up.  Well I have probably killed a good 2&1/2 hrs so I guess I had better get serious and get to work.

Picking up my granddaughters from school this afternoon, their Mother has a late meeting.  Spagetti night!! they love it. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soy Candles

I have finally found "my soy" mix where I get great looks and scent throw both. I just decided to combine the 2 soys I had been working with and that did it!! One wax had great looks but no scent throw, the other had great scent throw but did not look good in container. By combining the 2 I think I have the best of both worlds!! I will be offering them in the 9oz tumbler and the little square cube I have on my website. I have been testing scents to see the ones that are working best in soy and hope to have them on my website in approx 1 week.

This will be the link to the page when I have it up.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Well hopefully everyone has their children back in school and now you can take a breather for yourself. I know it can be like a whirlwind trying to get clothes bought, school supplies bought and everything else. My daughter-in-law was just saying the other day that the oldest girl who is 8 and tall like her "grama - me" has just outgrown everything she had just during the summer and the youngest who is 6 her feet won't fit in practically new shoes she had got before school ended in May! They sure can grown fast.

So now it is time for "you"! I probably have the best special this month that I will be having for some time. One customer asked me if I would have a better one before Christmas and I told her I didn't know, just depended on "how the mood" struck me!! I know, not a very good answer but I will have more but they probably won't be as good as this one.

So, all that said, now is a good time to stock up for Christmas gifts. Beginning about the middle of Sept I will have 2 fundraisers coming in and then I usually have another 1 or 2 from the school. It will probably get busy for several months.

Of course in all the hurry, hurry that things can get there is 1 thing I always try my very best to do and that is to have time for my family and church. To me those should come ahead of everything else. When I was working an 8-5 job I couldn't always do that and I said that when I was not working for the public anymore that would not be the case.

Well, I sorta got wordy here and I had better get to work now. Starting late in the day but Friday's can be like that! Hope everyone has a great week-end.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Night Fever!

Well, how does that title grab up??? You could call it a fever as hot as it has been today! But actually I am just wrapping up finishing some pillars I made for a couple of orders and thinking. You know, I know people like to do searches for things and then click on every link that shows up under them and that is what they are supposed to do! But, the searches that show up are called ppc - pay per click. Every time someone clicks on my link to go to my website it cost me money. Now that is fine if they end up ordering from me but if they are doing it just to occupy their time, no that is not fine! So to that end I have decided to try some other avenues for advertising.

I am on Facebook, Handmade Georgia, and Artfire. The links are below.



Now I am still trying to learn all this stuff. To me it gets rather complicated. You know the old saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"? Well, that where I am!!

Well, back to my candles. Just thought I would let you know.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

PCI Compliance

I have to tell you, this PCI compliance thing is a bunch of bull******!!!!!! There are probably about 230 questions you have to answer and I would need to be a network specialist or whatever you call them to even begin to know what they are talking about! Most of my answers were "n/a".

A little ole business like mine doesn't even have all that stuff they want to know about. Anyway it is a bunch of crock!!! But if you don't become compliant the bank that processes all credit card transactions charge you a monthly fee. You would not believe what all it cost just so my customers can use their credit cards and not have to go through PayPal to complete the transaction!!!

Oh well, cost of doing business I suppose but you would think little people like me wouldn't have to fool with all that crap!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


August special is: Buy 1 at regular price and receive 2nd at half off. This applies to internet orders only, no other discount or special applies. This offer is available on select jars & pillars.