Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chunk Fever

Man is it fun making these chunk candles!!  You can let your imagination run wild!  Well I was pouring some container candles today and thought "Why Not"!  Decided to pour a container chunk candle.  Will burn it tomorrow to see how it burns.  My friend Rae told me it would be addictive once I started, I believe her now.  Got to think up some good holiday ones now, that is if I have the time.  Between Monday of next week and about the middle of December I will be busy with fundraisers!  Got 4 in all to do. 

This is a picture of my chunkie.  Scented in Carrot Cake.  This is in the 15oz straight sided jar.  I think this is the best jar for chunk, it shows them off better than an apothecary jar would.

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