Friday, September 11, 2009

Dog Hair!

Well, finished vacuuming and got all the dog hair up for a short while anyway.  It was a battle though cause it was hiding from me!  Under chair, under couch, under china cabinet and anywhere else it could find to hide to get away from me, but I got it!!!! 

Today has been a day without making candles.  Had a few I needed to make but there is no hurry.  Anyway, need to take a break.  In about a week I have 2 fundraisers that are due in so I decided today to forget pouring!!  I have been following blogs and twitters of my fellow crafters.  Today is follow me Friday.  I would list one of them but wouldn't want anyone thinking I favored them over the over.  But if you want to check them out just click on their little picture.  They are all so talented and have such pretty crafts! 

Well, I see my Dear Husband coming down the road so guess I will close and try to spend a little "quality time" with him!!!  Hope all have a very good week-end.   

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