Monday, September 14, 2009

Lullabye Moon

The moon was so pretty this morning til I just had to tell you about it so I got my cup of coffee and Little Debbie Honeybun (my breakfast!) and here I am!  I get up early every morning - 4:00 - to get my husband off to work.  He leaves about 5:00 and I take Pepper out.  Love looking at the sky at night and this morning when I saw the moon my first thought was it was a "Lyllabye Moon", so beautiful.  You know, the kind you see with the baby in it, like the moon is rocking it!  Strange how the moon is in different places in the sky at different times of the month.  I always go outside about the same time every morning and sometimes it is directly over me, sometimes to the west and then sometimes to the east.  Guess it has to do with how the world turns.

Pepper thought for sure there was something out there with us this morning!  She has that little gruff bark, her tail really bushes out and she just stares into the woods.  We live in town but where we live there are woods behind us.  She probably saw or felt deer.  We saw one yesterday afternoon when we went out.  Have also seen fox.  Could have been a stray cat that sleeps in the woods.  My neighbor across the street feeds all the strays so it is not unusual to see them about.  Just glad it isn't dogs.  Pepper would never get through outside!!!  Also I have to think about my Nome - outside kitty who is about 11 years old so I always worry about him if I see a stray dog.  Don't really worry about snakes, don't see them to often.  Not really scared of them as long as I can see them.  Just don't want to step on one in the dark!!

Guess that's my thoughts for the day.  Time to get started and sweep up the dog hair, though it may be getting a little better.  Candle orders have been slow the past several days so that gives me time to do some book work I am always needing to do and cleaning my work area in shop.  Hope everyone has a good Monday.   

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