Monday, October 26, 2009

Trying to get to work!

Mondays & Fridays seem to be the hardest days to get to work.  Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have so much to do.  Have to clean up candles for wholesale order, 4 online orders, and need to be working on my fundraiser.  This is the 3rd fundraiser, the last and probably largest will be in around 15th next month. 

Animals and pets just take up to much time!  I had to clean the filters on my aquarium this morning, they were horrible.  I have 2 of those whatever you call them on the tank and each one has 2 filters.  But these are a little newer and therefore each one actually has 4 filters you have to clean.  Then scoop out litter box, wash a load of clothes or my husband won't have clean socks in AM!!  Had to take off trash because I didn't want all that gunk from filters in my trash.  Can't leave the house without going by Dollar Store.  My outside cat, who is old and cranky, his likes and dislikes as far as his canned food changes almost daily so I never know from day to day what he is going to eat!  And can't forget coffee, probably my coffee and pet food buying is what keeps the Dollar Store in business.  Of course not to mention paper towels.  I go through a lot of paper towels when I am as busy as I have been in the last month or so! 

Now, if my load of clothes will get dry and I can hang them up, no ironing for me, then maybe I can work without stopping until Pepper decides she has to go out!!!  Sure looks like rain here. 

Well, enough!  To work I go!!!

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