Friday, October 9, 2009

Break Time!

Taking a break while more wax is melting and thought I would write.  Took Pepper out earlier this AM and heard the greatest Hallelujah Chorus right in my back yard!!  I don't think I have ever heard so many birds singing at one time!  Animals are amazing.  Patches -kitty- had been sleeping on some boxes I had broken down all week.  She would only leave them to eat, potty, and tell us "Hey" in the morning.  I to put an empty box of wax outside and decided it was time for her to be a little more sociable so got rid of the boxes.  She didn't really like that either.  This is picture of both her and Pepper.  They are both usually laying around in shop while I am making candles.   Pepper's picture is kind of dark but you get the idea.  Well, got to run to town while wax finishes melting and get back to fundraiser! 

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