Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just checking in

I have been quite busy in the last couple of weeks.  Got 1 fundraiser completed and started on 2nd one.  Got a wholesale order to get done also.  Another fundraiser due in about 1-2 weeks.  Had orders come in this week to get out.  Helping my son with his sick family - picked up 1 granddaughter from school Tuesday, took other to school Wednesday - mother sick.  Think they are all well today! 

I have listed quite a number of new scents on my website -  Check them out.  I know I didn't need any more oils but there is something about fall and approaching holidays that just makes a candlemaker start ordering new oils!  Haven't had a chance to make more chunk candles.  Would like to get couple made with Christmas colors.  I think Festival of Lights - which I haven't added to website yet, still have some of my Christmas ones to add, would make a pretty chunk pillar.  Colored chunks in red, green, and blue.  Don't really want to go over 3 colors.   

This is all for tonight! 

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