Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tired & Sleepy

My title says it all!  I am so tired and sleepy would really just love to go to bed and sleep forever!  That won't happen tonight though, tomorrow is Sunday and we go to Sunday School and Church.  Finish dinner when we get home, rest a few minutes, then back to The Candle-Shoppe.  If you are a candle-maker there is really no such thing as having specific hours to work.  Or at least I haven't been able to just make it an 8-5, 5 day a week job!!!  I have been pouring candles all day but have the wholesale order finished except for topping, cleaning, and labeling!  Then on to fundraiser and couple online orders.  

I finished getting all my fall/holiday scents on my website yesterday.  I don't think I will be adding more, though as I type this I remember I did not add Nutcracker.  Will have to get that entered and then I think I am finished!  I certainly don't need to buy any more oils.  I have a small forturne sitting on the shelves in fragrant oil!  

This is it for today.  Got to get back to work. 

Check my website for the new oils I have added.  The new ones are highlighted in red.

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