Sunday, March 7, 2010

I know I have been very lax in updating my blog.  I always tell myself I am going to do better but it just doesn't seem to work!  Not much has been going on this year.  Things have been sorta slow but that is understandable with the economy like it is.  I am also sure people are trying to get over Christmas spending.  Don't know why we do it but we always seem to overspend on Christmas! 

Just to update a little.  I have a new look to my website and sure hope it is not confusing to my customers.  Now instead of having all the links listed out on left as usual they are grouped.  All my candles and etc are on the My Products page and once you click on it then you can see where the containers, pillars and etc are and just click that link.  I have also added quite a few new scents.  My favorite so far are the Ginger Lime and White Musk.  I have also added Tuscan Garden, Twilight, Hyacinth to name a few.  I really have a lot of scents listed and have been thinking about trying to narrow it down some.  I think sometimes where you have so many scents it makes it hard to choose just a couple!  That's like looking for a card for a Birthday and having to read through all of them to find just the perfect card!!

I have let it get late on me before I thought about blogging so I am making it short.  This is the link to my shoppe. 

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