Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Change to my links

Guess that is the title I wanted to use.  To start with I had all my candles & etc listed on My Products Page, you clicked that and it took you to the links to click for containers and etc.  I thought that may get confusing so I changed it back so on the home page everything is visible as to products.  It just seems easier that way.  Also another thing I discovered with my new website, instead of all the pages having html like past websites, this new one has dropped the l and it is htm. 

Hyacinth has become a real popular scent.  I was not sure about it to begin with.  there are so many different floral scents til it is hard to really know what people will like.  I have learned though after all these years not to order the large size of anything new I am trying.  A lot of candlemakers get the 1oz samples to test but I always order at least 4oz sizes.  If I really like it don't want to have to order more and that seems to be enough to "test the waters" as they say.

I have added 1 new scent lately - Sunflower.  It is really different than most florals to me.  It just seems to have a bright sunny, little sweet, little green scent to it.  Though really I have never thought a sunflower in real life smelled real sweet and flowery so I really think this is a good scent.  It is strong and scents up a large room really well.

Well, time to take Pepper out and get ready for bed!  Until next time, "sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite"!!!!

Forgot to add - During the month of March all online orders receive a 15% discount.  It helps to pay for shipping so stock up this month.  Don't know when I will run a special like this again.

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