Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have just taken Pepper outside, it is so cold, I think about 28.  Now it has been colder and I know it is much colder in other states but here in Glenwood GA that is cold!!!!  Anyway, we live in the "city" but where we live we have woods in our backyard.  Where Pepper goes for that "job" in the woods there are places where it looks like something has been laying.  Do deer lay down?  I don't know but I was thinking about the cold weather and how it affects animals.  We have about 5-6 deer that we (my neighbor & I) claim as ours.  He is retired and home most of the time, and he will call me sometimes wanting to know if I have seen our deer or to let me know what/when he saw them.  We try to keep tabs on them!  Mama had twins this year and she also had twins last year.  They do love my apple tree and another neighbors grapes!!  This is Mama eating from apple tree.   
I also just look in amazement at the beautiful red birds outside my garden window that I just can't resist feeding!  They are constantly eating it seems.  It doesn't matter if it is raining, freezing or what the weather conditions are.  This morning I had to "break up" the food in their feeder where the rain and cold had it frozen.   

I remind Pepper & Patches just how lucky they are that they have a warm home in winter and cool home in summer!!!  You know they understand me.  

This is my musings this morning.  Don't know what my next will be but "they" say you need to blog often so I am trying.  I am working on 16 pillars for a wedding.  They are white and gradually ending in what I hope is a slate gray.  Not sure I am satisfied with them yet.  

Until the next time - stay warm and safe in this cold, snowy, freezing weather!!   

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