Monday, July 19, 2010

Small Town USA

As my title says, Small Town USA has been running through my mind for the last month or so.  Only problem couldn't think how I wanted to use it.  Knew I wanted it for a banner but you usually see candles in a banner for a candle website.  Today it was on my mind again so I started playing with it.  After all, Glenwood GA is your typical Small Town USA.  I love it, wouldn't have it any other way either!  I have always lived here and hope I always will. 

I got my website changed and am really rather pleased with it.  Just hope it doesn't sound to "corny"!!   This is a picture of the banner -

To see the complete page just click here -

Sorta like the name Small Town Candle-Shoppe but it would be to much trouble to change all that.  If you like to see deer pictures then check out what I saw in my backyard today!

It is hard to see the deer but the first picture is of Mama Deer who I saw earlier on in the afternoon.  Second picture is of her twin babies.  They were really at a bad angle for picture taking and I couldn't open door to step out on deck, it would have scared them away.  I really love watching the deer, they are so pretty and graceful!  I know my neighbor doesn't feel that way though, he has a garden and they sure do love his veggies!!

Getting ready to test a new jar in both paraffin and soy.  It is the status jar and probably holds about 7.5 oz wax.  I haven't measured it yet! 

That is all for today.  Please leave your comments if you would like! 

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