Saturday, January 9, 2010

Few words for today!  Still cold, says it is 30 outside.  Have to bundle up to take Pepper out, she doesn't mind the cold and just wants to play and sniff!!  Got couple orders I need to start on today but with the cold just seems you can't even get warm inside.  I know our electric bill is going to be terrible!  I have been leaving the heat on in my shop so it doesn't get to cold and since it is part of house I figure it helps with heating the house. 

Check out my website, need to order some of my clearance candles, they all smell good.  I just want to clear them out so I have room to put some of my new scents out.  Still want to find some more oils that when I smell them I say "This is it, the best I have smelled in ages"!!  Got a couple of samples that I want to get poured and see how they are going to do.  The 3 I really want to try are Japanese Pear & Ginseng, Ginger Lime, & Mediterranean Garden Spa.  Might just pour them today.  Having a hard time getting motivated this year.  Really believe if someone would just take pity on me and come clean up my shop, get all the spare boxes stuff has come in and clean all clutter, do my mile high stack of paperwork, then I could probably get motivated!!

All for now, try to get something done!   

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