Thursday, January 7, 2010

Changed the looks of my website again!  My husband says I am never satisfied!  Have a clearance sale on candles from last year.  Need to get rid of them so I can get some new scents made up.  Really want something different but all the suppliers I look at just don't have anything that jumps out at me!!!  Maybe I don't really know what I want.  I do have some new scents though and I think they are pretty good.  I have been testing them but it is hard for me because I just can't smell much anymore.  This cold & rainy weather we had been having doesn't help that any either.  Now they are saying a chance of rain & snow showers in AM.  Well, would be better if it came Friday night and Sat AM.  Then we could enjoy it for the week-end.

It is now 10:47 and I took Pepper out probably 30 minutes ago, had to feed Nome and Patches, and now back.  Some drops falling but only rain cause it is only 46 outside.  We will see what AM holds. 

Nome is my outside cat and is old and getting feeble but his appetite is terrific.  He loves my chicken & rice casserole I made last week!  Ran out of his favorite food, perfectly chicken in the little packs by Whiskas I think and $ store out so I tried him on the casserole.  I warmed it and made it soupy like he likes and he loved it.  Casserole gone so I cooked him some chicken and rice but he likes casserole better!  Maybe $store will have his favorite in tomorrow.  If not may have to make more casserole!  What we do for our animals.  Now Patches, inside cat, don't know what she likes!  She's a fat cat so she's not hurting for food!!
Oh, forgot, I have Nome a box with towels fixed under the carport right at the backdoor so he can stay warm and out of the weather.  Cat's don't think like we do and he wouldn't sleep in it until about 3 nights ago and it was like "Whow, what a nice bed!"  Finally decided to sleep in it!!

Well, enough on pet stories.  I do love & try to care for my pets though.  This is the link to my clearance page -

Well, that's all for tonight.  About bedtime.  Keep warm!!  

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