Thursday, November 26, 2009

I know it has been a while since I have written anything.  I have been so busy with fundraisers and orders until there just hasn't been time. 

Tonight I have been getting my dressing ready for baking tomorrow.  I made a German Chocolate Cake and now I am topping off candle pillars I made earlier today.  Even though I list on my website that I am supposed to be off, there is no such thing for a candle-maker!  The only day I will really take off will be Thanksgiving Day!

I have also just finished pouring some more chunk pillar candles!  I really love making chunk candles, they are so much fun.  Thinking about putting one in the freezer so it will cool and I can take it out!  The second candle is a picture of the last chunk pillar I made.  It is scented in Aspen Winter.  I also made some mottled pillars scented in Christmas Forrest.

I received this Thanksgiving Song in an email and thought I would share it with you.  It is by Hilda Butler Farr.  Of course this can be for every day of the year also!

Thanksgiving Song

Thank God for countless blessings

Bestowed on us each year,

The precious gifts to treasure

Which daily reappear.

Thank God for every sunset,

The dawning of each day,

The golden flood of moonbeams,

The stars which light our way.

Thank God for every handclasp,

For every loyal friend,

And for the joy of laughter,

The songs which have no end.

Thank God for fragrant flowers,

For every pleasant smile,

For countless blessings

Which meet us mile by mile. 

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


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