Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Social Networking

You know, certain things can get very addictive!  All this Social Networking, think that is correct term for it, you just gotta check out and see what everyone is saying.  By the time I get through my list looking, commenting and so forth, half my day is gone!!  Isn't that terrible! Of course it really helps me not to have to do what I need to do.  That is my mile high stack of envelopes to go through, open, throw away, post, file.  Which ever it requires.  This is work I have been needing to do for most of the year and a couple folders still from last year that just need filing!  When you have 3 businessess to keep up with, my business, my husband's business, and my church it can really stack up.  Well I have probably killed a good 2&1/2 hrs so I guess I had better get serious and get to work.

Picking up my granddaughters from school this afternoon, their Mother has a late meeting.  Spagetti night!! they love it. 

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