Saturday, July 4, 2009

Something New

Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July! Our 4th is very low key as we just sorta "piddle" around, my husband and myself! Our son and family celebrate with their friends so it's just me, hubby, Pepper, & Patches!!! Slept in late this morning, until Pepper finally said it's been long enough and made me get up!

I sorta started "piddling" in my shop and decided to pull out my soy wax! I have 2 different kinds of soy that I have had for a long time and decided to give testing another try! Probably in for a bunch of headaches but today is a holiday and not "working" at anything. Will start back officially working Monday AM early.

I am testing 1 scent in each wax to see which has the best scent throw. Really love the scent I am testing - Eucalyptus Spearmint. If you have looked at my new oils this month you will see that I am on a "Eucalyptus Kick". Really do like Eucalyptus that is mixed with other scents and the ones I have smell really good.

If I am successful will only do soy in 1 size container and that will be the tumbler that holds about 9oz of wax. I will probably leave it uncolored as a lot of candle makers say they have trouble with "frosting" when they color. I will probably call this like a spa/aromatherapy line and only do a few scents. Don't want to or have the time to test all my many scents in soy.

When I am ready to start selling soy, if I pass the test! I will post to that effect and also the scents I will be offering. Probably will have a special page for this on my website so it will be easier to order. Of course most soy has to have a curing period of at least a couple days so that will have to factor in with ordering. I do not keep candles made in advance, only make them fresh when ordered.

Now back to "piddling"

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