Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sale on D/C Jars

Today looks like a beautiful spring day but last night was sorta ugly! The sound of thunder and lightning woke me, hubby, and Pepper up around 1:30 this am really sounding terrible. Pepper is so very scared of bad weather. I am sure the wind was blowing really hard also, even though I went on back to sleep! My son called me this am about 6:15 and said the wind had blown a light pole down and they had no electricity and also blown the roof off a shed type storage behind utility house. He said it was really bad where they live last night. They live a couple miles in the country.

I had to go pick up girls and feed them and get them dressed and taken to school. They have both had the flu, one last week and the other earlier this week. Their mother, who is a school teacher now has the flu. Sure hope my Vitamin C is working!! Anyway, back to a beautiful looking spring day now but tonight supposed to be about 28 and tomorrow night about 26 so there goes my early spring.

Well now to my sale. I have marked down some D/C jars I had and also added 2 new ones. If you know any candlemakers you also know we have all kinds of "stuff" we buy in a weak moment and never use! Mine is jars and fragrant oils. I won't even begin to tell you how many oils I actually have that are not listed on my web site! I have to sit on my hands, which is hard to do and navigate the internet, to keep from ordering more oils I don't need!!!!

Anyway, this is the link to my sale page.

Hope you see something you want!!! Now to go feed my beautiful red birds. I counted them the other day and there were about 15 in a tree side of my deck where the feeders are. If only I could keep that 1 squirrel away. I run him off but he comes back!

OH! forgot to add that while I was taking the girls to school Pepper was able to reach a container that had about 4-5 brownies in them and ate them!!! Boy is hubby going to be upset with Pepper eating all his brownies!! Just hope they don't make her sick, got to check and see about that. She was upset because the girls didn't play with her and we were leaving!!!

That all for today. Everyone have a good week-end!

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